Heads Up For The Wrecking Ball

“Heads Up For The Wrecking Ball” from Sand and Water by Beth Nielsen Chapman. Released: 1997. Genre: Pop.

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  1. I heard a political commentator refer to a song “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, in connection with a politician’s campaign. I listened to the Miley song on line and I remain a solid fan of your song writing and singing – I attended a performance of yours in Ft. Myers FL some years ago and still have the CD you autographed for me that evening. I don’t understand why the Miley Cyrus song is not a copywrite infringement on your song, not to mention that yours is far more appealing musically and lyrically.

    • BNC says:

      Hi Kenneth!

      Thanks for writing and your support of my music! Actually a title cannot be copyrighted so Miley was within her rights to create her own composition by that name. Glad you like mine! ;)BNC

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