“Back To Beth’s” Debuts

UK Fans can tune in on the RED BUTTON following \”Bob Harris\’ Nashville\” on BBC.


The lucky ones in the UK can watch \’Bob Harris My Nashville\’ on air at 10pm November 14thΒ  on BBC Four.Β  \’Back to Beth\’s\’ is on at 11pm on the BBC Red Button only accessed through a TV.Β  \”Back to Beth\’s\” will also be going on the BBC iPlayer the next day and repeated 3 times through the week.Β  Stay tuned for updates on where this fabulous show can be viewed in the US in the future!


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  1. Emmanuel mckay says:

    Hi i remember watching this in the uk on the bbc in 2014 and loved it but i was looking today to find a copy of it and bbc have taken it off thier i player so i wondered if you could tell me where i can watch it again or obtain a copy.
    thank you

  2. Christiaan Jenkins says:

    Saw the concert when originally broadcast, recently been re-issued on BBC i-player, must have watched 5 times! What a wonderful group of talented, lovely people and the warmest welcome from the most friendly of hosts – love just exudes from BNC! Thank you so much for putting on this treat and exposing us to some of Nashville’s and UK’s
    amazing songwriting talent. Please could we have more!

  3. Frank Manning says:

    Hi Beth,

    I unfortunately missed this, what sounds like a wonderful so. Will there be a chance to see again.

    Saw you in Hawk’sWell in Sligo and Whelans in Dublin in 2014 and was so wonderful.



  4. Lynda says:

    Would love to see this again – any chance of a repeat or DVD?

  5. sandra says:

    What a treat! Hubby and I enjoyed every minute!

  6. Deb Sidwell says:

    I have just watched this on the red button and feel so inspired I had to comment, which I never do! Looked to me like a beautiful home, beautiful people and the most wonderful music imaginable. My 21 year old daughter is usually the one that’s most interested in the Nashville scene , but I’m so glad I stumbled across this. I hope the Angels continue to look down upon you and yours Beth, thankyou for this creative masterpiece x

  7. Derek graydon says:

    Watching the show on TV as I write this. Are there any plans to release this programme asva DVD or CD. Just love the intimacy of the programme. More please.

  8. Darren Parry says:

    Absolutely loved “Back To Beth’s”. Great to see the BBC making quality programmes like this. I met you briefly Beth a few years back at your Park N Dare concert in Rhondda, South Wales on a cold and snowy winters eve a few years back…the concert was very special. Met Gretchen and Barry Walsh too when they toured in South Wales and seen a few of the others live too. More of this please.

    This would be a great regular TV series like “Live From Daryl’s House” that Daryl Hall does. You could have different artists every episode…just a thought!

    Come back soon to tour Wales πŸ™‚

    Best wishes
    Darren Parry (singer/songwriter)
    South Wales, UK

  9. Vance Whittall says:

    Thanks Beth(and Bob) for such a wonderful session at your lovely home.
    As I get into my more mature years, I find that my leaning towards this genre of music becomes more pronounced. Watched the original show with Bob, then watched your session……which I am now watching again on the red button, to cheer up a wet and grey November morning on the south coast………thanks also for introducing me to John Fullbright………excellent

    Kind regards, Vance (a mutual Joni fan !)

  10. John Cunningham says:

    Hi Beth
    Great show. Staring listening to your music after seeing you on a show featuring Robert Burns and Scottish music.

    Two questions What was the track that played during the introduction to the House concert ?
    Any plans to play in Scotland in the near future ?



  11. Sue Gill says:

    Hi Beth, What a lovely show in your lovely home, enjoyed every minute, and so did Bob Harris , he looked SO happy to be there.
    Your home is exactly as I thought it would be……….very eclectic…?
    Can’t believe it was six years yesterday that you came to sing at Emmanuel Church……do you remember.. Where has the time gone??

    • Peter newby says:

      Just thumbing through the channels and came up this memorable programme. A wonderful experience, could take my eyes of it. Apart from the artists and the music I was very emotionally attracted by the atmosphere. Beths music is certainly on my Christmas wish list.

  12. Brian Kale says:

    Excellent show on BBC 4. We really enjoyed the music and would love to see more of you all in the UK.

  13. This is the most exquisite thing I have seen on my TV for a long, long time – maybe ever! Most things ‘endorsed’ by the legend that is Whispering Bob are good, but this is another level. Some truly beautiful music performed by good people. This needs to be released on a DVD (one copy, at least!).

    Everyone involved in this should just burst with pride.

  14. My fiance and I loved this programme. We have an Americana radio show, in the Highlands of Scotland, and are always looking for REAL music. Discovered Kimmie Rhodes, Angel Snow, and already knew but rediscovered Eric Brace. Thank you so much, please make many more episodes of the East Nashville sound!

    • BNC says:

      Thanks Lori! I’m ready to come back to the Highlands! I’d like to get Julie Fowlis, Duncan Chisholm, Phil Cunningham and many more to come to my house for the next one! πŸ˜‰

  15. david says:

    A truly memorable programme. My wife and I were truly in awe of all that songwriting talent. We loved it and cried a little bit too.

  16. Clare McCahill says:

    Can I live in this house? It keeps getting better and better. Great programme.

  17. Steve Jones says:

    Watching the show on BBC Red Button now, my Friday night just got a whole load better.
    Thanks to all involved. Brilliant.

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