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  1. Edward Gorman says:

    You were not a singer I had heard until one day I searched for a Catholic hymn – which one I am not sure now – but certainly one of those that Catholics of the fifties and sixties often sang on Sundays at Benediction. I loved the doubting, hesitant, yet affectionate devotion evident in your recordings – and you did include Ave Verum ! Honest but unfashionable, brave and tender – a reminder of happy confident times, gone now, but hopefully never forgotten. Not a blast from the past just a beautiful reminder of days long ago.

    • BNC says:

      Thanks Edward~ that’s some review! I love the way you put it into words. Those ancient songs will outlive us all! I especially love hearing my father and my son’s voices on Ave Verum.

      Thanks for writing!

      🙂 BNC

      • Jack says:

        I fully agree with Edward. I also must say your “Ave Maria” is the best rendition I’ve ever heard. As a “crossover” Catholic-Protestant hymn I wish you’d put it out some somewhere where others could hear it, I’m sure that pique interest in the whole album- it piqued mine! Thanks!

        • BNC says:

          Hi Jack! Thanks! One of my treasured moments as a songwriter was having astronaut Leland Melvin tell me that he always puts on my version of “Ave Maria” when he “cleared the atmosphere” when in space! The record with Ave Maria is “Hymns” and it’s out there!


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