“By far it has been the most interesting, stimulating and heartful songwriting workshop I’ve ever attended since I started pursuing songwriting!  It’s very unique in its way and brings out the message of an endless universe with an endless inner potential to write songs or be creative in any way whatsoever.  It’s a great message to the psyche that can work both on a conscious and/or subconscious level to really make a difference in a person’s life!”

“Thank you for your truly inspirational master class on Tuesday evening … I came to the event dejected, and left feeling empowered. I am and will be forever grateful”

“I left feeling inspired and nourished. You emit such an infectious joy and hopefulness – it is the most beautiful and powerful thing and I hope I can ‘grow up’ to be even a bit like that.” 🙂

“The music industry can be very overwhelming and confusing and it was great to get some accurate information on what my life might be like after Berklee.  Beth Nielsen Chapman’s speech on fear and its effects on our ability to write truthful songs changed the way I’m going to approach my future songwriting. I thought she did a fabulous job informing us and keeping this encouraged.” —Casey McQuillen

“I won’t forget this amazing insightful week. Every speaker vocalized things I needed to hear. But I was especially blown away by Beth Nielsen Chapman. I love when she said to water the garden by filling one’s mind with great art. That helps me look at songwriting from the outside and understand that it is something a person can consciously expand. Her trust in the creative flow was a beautiful thing to see!”

“You’re an inspiration to me as a female in the music industry. I feel so empowered after hearing you speak. My father is also a cancer survivor and thanks to you I actually feel the courage to start writing a song about it.  You’ve  definitely made a strong impact in my life. As an international student I feel encouraged to pursue my dreams after hearing your opinions on going overseas and such. It will be tough but I won’t give up! Thank you for sharing your life career and everything else with us good luck and health to you.”  —Georgia English

“Thanks for the advice on fear and singing–some of the best things I’ve ever heard in the clinic!” —Molly Lins

“Thank you so much for totally refreshing my perspective on songwriting your inspiring words were just what I needed to hear. I plan on doing a lot of playing when I get back to Boston!” —Christina Apostolapoulous

“You blew my mind and filled my notebook with inspirational quotes that I will forever refer to in times of young frustration.” —Russ

“Your wisdom regarding spontaneity and creativity was truly inspiring.”  —Jordan Casti

“You were one of the most inspiring clinicians I have yet seen at my time at Berklee and the most inspiring I saw while down in Nashville. I am by no means a songwriter but everything you said spoke to me as a person and where I am today. A million thanks to you for everything you did for me!” —Michelle Attaerdi

“I was amazed by your story, your creative process and your strength. When you describe how to speak from rhythm and pitch instead of singing I was profoundly affected. For years now I have believed that I’m physically not able to belt. But based on what you said I have a new way to try and I am very very excited at the possibilities. You’re a phenomenally inspiring woman thank you so much!” — Marcella Camargo Silva

“Your talk was very special to me. You made the conversation about the business fun and interactive. I first sang “This Kiss” at a vocal competition when I was 13. I won my age group…thanks for that!  When you talked about connecting our music to the soul and the energy around us that really struck a chord with me. Being a spiritual person this topic helps me reflect on my own writing. I know letting the soul and subconscious come out in my writing will help me. Thank you so much for talking with us!” —Brie Capone

“Your words on inviting fear in are some of the greatest I’ve ever heard. It was great to hear this honest view that you have on songwriting. Your singing tips were awesome too … thanks a ton!” —Khiyon Hursey

“Thank you for teaching. You struck a perfect balance between overall thinking and specific practices we can apply and then wrapped it up with incredible music. I am a drummer and I’ve been told I have an nice speaking voice but not singing voice and I’ve already gotten compliments on my singing since your clinic thank you.”

“Thank you for your knowledge and insight! Your advice on overcoming fear was life-changing. I can’t wait to dig back into my art form passionate and unafraid.” —Ali Veech

“Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us while we were visiting Nashville. You’re story was incredibly inspirational to all of us. Thank you for sharing your professional and life achievements. Being president of Berklee for the cure cancer awareness and fundraising club your story of overcoming breast cancer and dodging a brain tumor work was incredibly moving.  Thank you so much for giving your time to us.” —Nikki Rood Evolution des Blackjack Spiels by Gluecksspiel Master