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Happy Holidays!

I know I’m cheating here, lumping November and December together, but honestly life is just moving too fast and I think everyone is going to be busy with the holidays anyway, so I figured I would do a one-off for two months!

Mountain Stage Radio Show

Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member and twice-Grammy nominated artist Beth Nielsen Chapman performs on this week’s episode of Mountain Stage Radio Show with guest-host Kathy Mattea. While she performs with the Mountain Stage Band for most of her set…

The SongSchool Podcast

Because I feel so passionate about creativity, and because I love working with songwriters and helping songwriters make their songs the best they can be, I will be partnering with ACME Radio Live in Nashville and starting a podcast called “The SongSchool Podcast!”

SongwritingWith:Soldiers Concert Filmed Live for PBS

The past week has been on the crazy side as I’ve started a little tour (SEE TOUR DATES) in the northeast. I’m really thrilled to be coming back to NY, Cambridge, Philly, Annapolis and Mountain Stage! But I wanted to tell you about an amazing, truly magical night that happened just before I took off for this run of dates. I was able to be a part of a PBS taping celebrating SongwritingWith:Soldiers.

Open Up To Your Creative Flow

I loved sitting down with Dom Famularo for this special interview for The Sessions Artist Series. We talked about how to find balance between creativity and the music business. In this interview we also talk about how I got my start in songwriting and the music business…

When To Float and When To Dive

In the midst of yet another delicate conversation the other day with someone very close to me whose political views are the polar opposite of mine, it struck me, given today’s politically charged environment, how incredibly intense these times are that we are living in.

The Art Of The Undertow

When I was around seven or eight, my family lived temporarily on a farm while we were waiting to get onto base housing. We’d really only ever lived on air force bases and this was a real farmhouse with creaky floors and woods out back and all kinds of things to explore.