Epitaph For Love Lyric Video


  • harmonrfk says:

    Very nice! Wow.

  • Dianne Byrer says:

    Oh my…so lovely…you again bless me with your gift of song…

  • Spencer Allnatt says:

    the haunting beauty of this song is the standout track for me at the moment on a very beautiful album.

  • Pegi says:

    Your songs are so healing. Going through terrible grief right now and this song just said what my heart feels. Thank you.

  • Beautiful song from a truly beautiful soul.
    Thank you for writing songs which resonate – songs that draw alongside us when nothing/no-one else quite understands where we are. And so we turn to these songs and find a resting place – a moment of understanding – a quiet pool to sit beside and find ourselves refreshed. This is what you give, dear Beth. Thank you – so very, very much.

    Steve (Worthing, UK)

  • James Bray says:

    Best songwriter ever. Smart sensitive lyrics abound. TY!!

  • Beth,

    Your song resonates with everyone at one time or another. The melody is haunting, but it fits with the lyrics. All of us have loved, all of us have failed at love. It is truthful; there is a dark road that you will travel when your heart has been broken. To say otherwise would be a lie. This is how I interpret the lyrics; however, it may be interpreted otherwise by an another .

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