Feb. 2015 Songwriting Workshop


Where: Nashville, Tennessee

When: February 19-21, 2015

Limited To: 20 Students

I’m super excited about my upcoming Songwriting workshop “Opening Up To Creativity; Balancing Inspiration & Craft” happening in Nashville February 19-21!  It will be limited to 20 so sign up early!  Because of the intimacy of the class size this will be a powerful opportunity for each person to dive deep and resurface creatively inspired with new tools and clarity.  Discover the path within you  to the center of your own wellspring of ideas and then learn to stay present in the “what now?” as we explore all the aspects of the writing process maximized by coming into balance between critical thinking and the creative flow.

We will also be spending some time working with the voice and performance.  The greatest singing comes from making a sound from the center of the note and a place of least effort.  Whether you’re making records and touring or just trying to sing well for your demos, delivering the lyric and melody of the song is clearly important.  Find out how to stay centered in your voice’s ‘sweet spot’ and watch your vocal range open up!  Using quick tools and a few tricks I have developed I have seen most students find the center of their voice very quickly, greatly increasing their stamina and improving their tone.

Aside from all that we now have confirmation on a couple of truly amazing special guests and many surprises in store!

The workshop includes:

  • Finding the power in the center of your writer’s voice
  • “Full Presence” Vocal & Performance Techniques
  • Tools & Exercises to unlock creativity and learn to flicker between left and right brain
  • Surprise Guest Speakers & Musical events
  • Song Critiques & sharpening skills
  • One-on-One sessions with Beth


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