“Hearts Of Glass” Big week of fun back in Nashville!

There’s so much happening I’m not sure I can keep up with it all!

First off I’m performing tomorrow night at the Bluebird!

​I’m excited to give you my Beth Nielsen Chapman update to start your week off!
Here is a song premiere from The Boot for “If My World Didn’t Have You”
In addition, here is a story in Music Row announcing my  Opry debut.!!!
​The story was also featured in Music Row’s email blast!
I had such fun performing at the Country Music Hall of Fame on Saturday, as part of Hall of Fame Songwriter Series. It was a full house and an fantastic audience and my lovely son Ernest even joined me on Sand and Water.
This week I’ll be conducting interviews and making several appearances including my April 14th debut
performance at the Grand Ole Opry!

SESAC on Wednesday at 4 pm will host an album release party for “Hearts Of Glass” and I’ll be joined by my producer on the project Sam Ashworth and the incredible Ruby Amanfu!

WMOT there will be a live broadcast at the Nashville Palace on Friday at noon!

In addition, I’ll be doing a performance at CMA on Monday April 16th at 4 pm. which will be filmed and perhaps a facebook live!  😉
And that’s just this week!! Next week I head into the sky and will send you all the details on that adventure soon!


  • Adam Perkowski says:

    Your song “Down on my Knees”“featured on “The Voice!” Nice surprise!

  • Michael Holloway says:

    Dear Beth

    Hello, I’m Michael Holloway from South Australia.

    Congratations on your album release for “Hearts Of Glass” which I bought on Amazon.com and love. I wish you would tour Australia as I would love to see you perform live, and I would love to attend one of your teaching workshops.

    Cheers, Michael

  • Noreen says:

    Happy New Year!!!!! I will write a letter to you as well but thought you may read this first. I love podcasts and just heard your very interesting behind the scenes moving story on The Moth podcast. The first song I ever heard of the yours was on the show “ER” called “Sand and Water”. I remember not knowing that it was your song originally but as a result of identitfing with every word of the song and you giving me words to what I was feeling and experiencind I had to know who was basically I felt was reading my soul.

    When I figured out that you sang it and wich of album it was on, I purchased it for that song alone. I soon listend to the rest of the album and completely identidied with those songs as well.
    I am so thankful your husband pushed you to pick up song writing again because the cd entitled “Sand and Water “ helped me through some incredibly tough times.
    I felt like you were reading my mind since your songs on that album described the exact way I was feeling.
    Thank you soooo much Beth Nielsen Chapman!!????????????
    I live in Northern N.J. Maybe you could perform in Morristown at the Morristown Performing Arts Center. (MPAC) one night. I would love to see you perform!
    Sincerely, ( one of your biggest fans)
    Noreen V. Panek

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