Hymns 10 Year Anniversary Release

HymnsI can’t believe it’s ten years since I released Hymns. I was raised in a Catholic family and the beautiful melodies on this project, sung mostly in Latin, were the “hit parade” for all of us born before Vatican II. I came to record this CD while I was in the midst of recording another project called Prism that was released in 2007 where I sang hymns and songs of devotion in nine different languages and from many paths of faith. During that process, I was having trouble making up my mind which Latin hymn I would choose to include.

So when I searched for a collection of my favorite Latin hymns I couldn’t find one anywhere. That’s when I decided it might be a good idea to go deep into the roots of my own spiritual beginnings as part of the journey of recording all these other hymns from around the world for Prism. This detour has taken me the better part of a year, and made my Mama very happy! Here, in these songs, are the roots of my spiritual journey. They center me and the tones resonate with me deeply. Had I been born into another culture perhaps the songs would be different but the experience of connecting to my spiritual heart through the tones is, I believe, something we humans all share that transcends any one religion.

My belief has always been that God is light, and humanity is like a diamond. Imagine each spiritual perspective as an angle cut into that diamond. The light shines through and reflects off of all these angles in so many directions. If you were standing on one face of the diamond, it might seem as if the light is only shining on you. But I’ve always believed that God shines through all of humanity. Just as the sun breaks up and flies and reflects in every direction, when the light of spirit shines through the diamond of humanity, every voice of praise, in every spiritual language comes from and goes back to that same source of light.

The stories and teachings of my childhood have certainly shaped my way of feeling connected to this light. But even as a small child I always felt that all the people of the world from every culture or any other path of faith, could and should define and celebrate, from each perspective, the beauty and sureness of the love of God.

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