July 2014 Favorite Things

Every month I’ll be updating what my senses have been enjoying. I’d love to hear back from those of you who try out any of the below. Just be sure you use “Wesson” oil for the West Indies Salad — otherwise don’t blame me!

1. SEE:   “The Lunchbox”
2. HEAR:   “The River & The Thread”
3. TASTE:  “West Indies Salad”
4. SMELL:  Romancing The Divine
5. TOUCH: Lyric Scarves (Coming Soon!)
6. WORD: “Proprioception” which describes the sixth sense


  • sue gill says:

    Hi Beth,
    what an interesting page, you never cease to amaze me with your philosophy on life, your positive attitude and your general love of life……..I find it hard to believe you had no confidence, but I am
    so glad you found it……

    as you know I have been a fan forever, and alwAys will be, your show at Sheffield this February was
    just beautiful, it made me very happy and I have our pic together to remember the evening…….
    I will never forget the day you came to sing at Emmanuel Church, ’twas wonderful, I hope you
    remember it too…..

    now you have a beautiful grandson I am sure you will come up with some gorgeous happy thoughts and observations and hopefully turn them into songs…..long may you keep bringing happiness to
    many and I look forward to your UK return, but don’t leave it too long.

    Best Wishes always

    Sue Gill

    • BNC says:

      Hi Sue!

      Always great to hear from you and see you out there on the road. I’ll be over in mid October to do a really cool event with schools and “The Mighty Sky”~ I’ll soon be posting details! 😉 BNC

  • margo says:

    i have listened and loved you since i was in dental school in the late 70’s..and when i first saw you in a shopping center in scottsdale az. in 1992, i fell in love all over again..thank you for your continued sense of life and beauty..

    • BNC says:

      Ha ha haaaa!! I just had a major flash back to that gig! Wow…somewhere between Spinal Tap and Tiffany! But fun! thanks for reminding me!

      Ahh…the days of big major label promo budgets!


  • Patricia O'Driscoll says:


    I’m in love with your newsletter! It’s deeply creative and fun. This is not your average newsletter, that’s for sure but then again you are one in a million. I’ll look forward to getting this every month and will pass it on to my friends. The ‘Favorite Things’ video you created had me laughing. You are the best of the best.

    Patty O’

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