Sand and Water


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One of America’s finest undiscovered singer-songwriters, Chapman lost her husband to cancer in 1995, and this emotionally rich collection details her process of loss, reconciliation, and healing. Jim Ed Norman’s strong production ranges from piano-based ballads (“The Color of Roses,” “No One Knows But You”) to exuberant rootsy pop (lead single “Happy Girl,” “All the Time in the World”). This is music with a tender grasp on the big picture. —Jeff Bateman

  1. The Color Of Roses
  2. Beyond The Blue
  3. All The Time In The World
  4. Sand And Water
  5. Fair Enough
  6. Seven Shades Of Blue
  7. Happy Girl
  8. No One Knows But You
  9. Heads Up For The Wrecking Ball
  10. Say Goodnight