The SongSchool Podcast

Because I feel so passionate about creativity, and because I love working with songwriters and helping songwriters make their songs the best they can be, I will be partnering with ACME Radio Live in Nashville and starting a podcast called “The SongSchool Podcast!”


  • Renee Cocchi says:

    Hi Beth
    How do I go about submitting a song for critique, and what is the link?

    • Beth Nielsen Chapman says:

      Hi! Just go to and all the info is there about how to submit a song! :)BNC

  • Carol Lyman says:

    Hey BETH
    Look forward to finding out more about this. Sounds intriguing. I’m s l o w l y returning to songwriting after James’s dire diagnosis last winter. Solely as an outlet for healing. Fits & starts according to how he’s feeling. My heart aches for him with all he’s dealing with. He’s hoping for two good years. Seems so little to ask.

    Best xox

    • Beth Nielsen Chapman says:

      Keeping you all in my prayers Carol. I hope writing and singing can ease some of the pain. Sending love! BNC

  • Tony Mauro says:

    Hey Beth , hope all is well with you and the family . Wishing you a happy and healthy new year. I cant seem to find your Song School podcast on theAcme Radio calendar. Ive been waiting patiently for it since you announced it on your newsletter. I even sent you one of my songs to critique . Ok well i know these things require a lot of time and effort to put together so hopefully it’s just delayed . Im looking forward to hearing . Thank you and God bless

    • Beth Nielsen Chapman says:

      Hi Tony! We’re still in editing mode! Hoping to launch in late Jan/early Feb. or there abouts! thanks! :)BNC

  • Howard Mitchell says:

    I want to write a song. Can I join and take part or listen in on the podcast without submitting a song?

  • Tony Mauro says:

    Hey Beth , Tony Mauro here again . Any update on your podcast ? Bought you Hearts of Glass CD . I love it . Especially Epitaph of Love . I cant stop listening to that song , what a masterpiece . Hope you and your family are well. God bless

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