Drop Into Your Creative Center With Beth and David Wilcox at OMEGA this Summer! July 31st-August 5th, 2016!

I’m really looking forward to being back at Omega to teach again this summer with David Wilcox.  Let us help you explore and discover your powerful creative voice by way of the heart of course!

You can find all the details here!

Teaching with David is such an inspiration and every time we get together to teach and perform something musically magical always happens and off we go!

Opening to creativity is like stepping over the edge of what you “know” and dangling a toe into the world of “don’t know yet”.   It’s a very juicy place to be. All the best stuff happens from there and that’s where the clues come from. Learn how to trust it, take a creative in-breath and play letting yourself stay in a place of “not knowing” as you keep playing and toss around the clues, the colors, the words, and the sounds. The power of what takes shape can teach you a lot about yourself, not to mention the beauty you may leave behind in a song, a painting or a piece of art.  In this workshop we’ll be working with songs but all of this can apply to any form of artistic expression.

Like an undercurrent of wisdom, creative flow can only speak and live through us, pulled through the filter of each of our hearts, brought into being through each of our stories, with the unique originality of each of our voices, speaking as the sole inhabitant of our one-and-only spot which is our place in this moment in time and space, each point of view exactly like no other and universally connected at the core. Make art and music for yourself and your contribution will be like no other. Find your truth in the heart of your creative expression and the taproot of that will hit the groundwater of every other heart.  You do not have to have any musical experience to experience something profound in the process of learning to write a song. Come and join us and see how much you’re heart has to say!  ~BNC